The Panaga Natural History Society is a group of people interested in nature. Our aim is to promote interest in natural history and share knowledge of the natural environment, its flora and fauna in Panaga and around Brunei. We also wish to raise the environmental awareness and commitment of the community.

If you wish to take part or find out more, then please take a look at our website and contact us.

Borneo Forest Cover

Not only is there a passion for natural history here in Borneo, but there is also a passion to share what has been seen.

The gallery provides a selection of the various sights we have seen. If you have a better example, then please share it.

'Focus On' brings the special interests of our members. In particular the PNHS focuses on the preservation of the Bruneian natural habitat, which is highlighted by the Teraja Protected Area and its proposed extension.

Explore the wildlife around us here in Panaga and see how you can take part with the PNHS.

Focus On: Family Corner

The PNHS encourages everyone of all ages to interested in the nature around us. This section aims to give a few ideas for the family.

Borneo is one of nature’s last habitats. The jungle is ~130 million years old, making it the oldest in the world. It is home to around 220 species of mammals & 420 species of Birds. Since 1996 361 plant & animals species have been discovered.

Over the years the PNHS has produced a number of publications tackling issues in Brunei and Borneo. Most recently by Peter Engbers tackling the Forest Cover of Borneo and Brunei.

Other publications include the Seashore Life Of The Brunei Heart Of Borneo (March 2009, Authors: Various) and Wildlife Watch Book October 1997 (Editor: Peter Engbers, PNHS Chairman (1997), Authors: Various)


Learn about this protected area and its biodiversity.

Brunei Darussalam describes itself as the ‘Heart of Borneo’ and within this is Panaga. It’s relatively low development level combined with sensitive estate management has resulted in this area being rich in wildlife. With Borneo facing a future with ever decreasing primary forest cover, it is important to savour these islands of nature.

Photographer’s Perspective

Read some tips for wildlife photography in Panaga.

Three ways to a better wildlife photograph.