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Maharaja Lela - Jamalul Alam

Maharaja Lela is an oil and gas accumulation, straddling the border with offshore southwest Sabah. Waterdepths in this area, at some 52 km from the coast of Brunei Darussalam, range between 50 and 60 metres. The reservoirs have been tested successfully by the wells Maharaja Lela-1 and -2, drilled by Jasra Elf in 1989/1990 and 1992, respectively. The multiple reservoir levels are situated at the downthrown side of a major down-to-basin fault. It appears that several of the stacked accumulations may extend across the border with Sabah into the Kinabalu oil and gas discovery, drilled by SSPC (Sabah Shell Petroleum Company).

Jamalul Alam-1 and Jamalul Alam Barat-1 were both drilled in 1991, by Jasra Elf. The wells have tested oil and gas-bearing reservoirs in separate fault compartments upthrown from Maharaja Lela. These accumulations continue across the border into the Kinabalu East discovery, drilled by SSPC.

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