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Muara area; 'Brooketon Colliery'

Almost all of the approximately 600 million kilograms of coal produced in Brunei Darussalam between 1888 and 1924 came from the Brooketon colliery (see Wilford 1961).

Evidence from a variety of sources show that four and possibly six seams are present, two of which (8.0 and 8.5 metres thick) were worked. These seams are lenticular and often interbedded with carbonaceous shale. The seams are steeply dipping and bounded by carbonaceous shale and thick, massive sandstone which in some outcrops displays deeply scoured bases, rootlet beds and ferruginous shale bands.

The structural style of steeply inclined, locally overturned strata and the likely presence of thrust faults introduces the strong possibility that some of the recorded seam occurrences may be repeated strata, and that the number of stratigraphic occurrences of seams would consequently be less.

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