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Kianggeh and Mentiri Valleys, Berambang Island

The Kianggeh Valley coal succession has near-vertical dips and is inferred to be at a slightly higher stratigraphic level than the Brooketon deposits. The seams are thin (less than 1.8 metres), but these too have been worked in the past, notably during the Second World War. Wilford (1961) suggests they are more persistent than those of Brooketon but correlations along strike should be regarded critically for reasons mentioned above. Across the Brunei River from the Kianggeh area are the structurally complex Berambang Island coal outcrops (see also "outcrops in Muara - Kianggeh valley area". The two areas are separated by a thrust fault around which the seams are thin.

Coals from the three localities mentioned above are probably of Middle Miocene age, approximately 13.5 million years old.

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