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The Coastal and Offshore Oil and Gas Fields

The coastal and offshore oil and gas fields were all located by geophysical methods prior to their discovery by drilling. The Seria field was outlined by a gravity survey and all offshore fields by reflection seismic surveys (see geophysical technology). The advent of digital seismic recording and processing in the late 1960's gave rise to the spectacular discovery record of the early 1970's. The first success was in 1957 when the Tali accumulation, offshore Seria, was located on seismic and later confirmed by deviated drilling from the coast.

The following descriptionsof Brunei's hydrocarbon accumulations cover first the producing fields, followed by short summaries of other accumulations.

The order of the descriptions is geographical, from coastal to far offshore, first in the west, followed by the fields in the east. (see also the onshore Belait and Jerudong accumulations)

(Click here for an explanation of the marker nomeclature as used in Brunei Shell).

Producing fields in the Western Offshore:

Producing fields in the Eastern Offshore:

Other hydrocarbon accumulations in the Western Offshore

Other hydrocarbon accumulations in the Eastern Offshore

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