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The Peat and Coal Resources of Brunei Darussalam

Peat swamps cover large parts of Brunei Darussalam, especially in the western part of the country, along the border with Sarawak. Coal has been mined in the late 1800's to early 1900's near Muara and on Labuan island (Wilford, 1961). This part of Northwest Borneo appears on the geological horizon after the discovery of coal in 1844 by Captain Belcher of H.M.S. Samarang. This led directly to the British annexation of the island, which originally belonged to the sultanate of Brunei. The first geological description of Labuan was published by Motley, in 1852. He already noted the similarity between these coal deposits and the extensive peat swamps in Brunei Bay.

Coal was first reported from Brunei Darussalam in 1837. Since then, there have been sporadic investigations by private companies and the government. The last comprehensive discussion of the coal resources of Brunei Darussalam is by Wilford (1961).

This part discusses the peat and coal deposits of Brunei Darussalam, their distribution and origin within the local geological framework

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