Energy Business Academy (EBA) aims to support and develop local SMEs in the Oil and Gas service industry. The EBA provides entrepreneurship training for local SMEs to develop their business competencies and capabilities. Owners of the SMEs will gain awareness, understanding and skills from various modules designed to support support their pursuit in doing business with BSJV companies.

A reference to the module content in the Energy Business Academy is illustrated in the table below:

Introduction to Oil and Gas

  • To gain knowledge of the objectives of Wawasan 2035 and Energy White Paper and how SMEs can provide support and align with the objectives
  • To gain an overview of Brunei's history of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • To gain knowledge on the life cycle process of the Oil and Gas industry and the hydrocarbon value chain

Ethics and Compliance

  • To gain understanding on the elements of a strong Ethics and Compliance environment
  • To understand the importance of commitment towards Ethics and Compliance in your business
  • To gain an awareness of the overview of BSJV Supplier Code of Conduct
  • To learn the awareness of non-compliance to Business Integrity

Introduction to Supply Chain Management and BSJV Tender Process

  • To gain information on the opportunity areas where SMEs can participate and provide value added services
  • To understand the Roles and Responsibilities of SMEs and BSJV
  • To understand BJSV tender process
  • To understand the role of SMEs in each stage of the tender process
  • To be familiar with the EOI process and submission
  • To be familiar with the basic elements of a qualitative tender submission

HSSE Management

  • To gain insight on HSSE requirements throughout the execution of the contract such as Milestone Zero, Contract HSSE plan and KPIs and other post award HSSE requirements
  • To prepare vendors for upcoming tenders with BSJV in terms of HSSE aspects
  • To understand HSSE capability questionnaire and General HSSE information such as Contract Modes and Contract HSSE risks, BSP HSSE standards and procedures

Quality Management

  • To understand the Quality standards of BSP
  • To understand the Quality Management System for different types of operation areas

Introduction to Financial Management

  • To understand the fundamental requirements of the financial statements
  • To understand the importance of maintaining a healthy cash flow (Cash Management and different ways of calculating profits)
  • To understand on how to build a fit for purpose budget process and learning the importance of planning/budgeting
  • To understand on importance of understanding cost variances (actual spend vs to budget/plan spend)