All companies interested in providing goods and services to BSJV need to register in SMART by GEP.

Prior to registration, vendors must ensure that they:

- Comply with the Directive 2 on Local Business Development Framework Requirement for the Oil and Gas Industry requirements.

- Provide the mandatory documents as per registration checklist, example Group's Technically Approved Manufacturers and Products (TAMAP) reference for specific product group registration. Please refer to: LBD Framework Requirements.

- Vendors are encouraged to understand the requirements for HSSE Green Banding.


BSJV (in line with LBD Directive 2) require all registered Vendors to submit their LBD Performance Reports via ICV REPORTING SYSTEM, in addition to Department of Energy Local Business Development (LBD) Reporting.

This applies to all Vendors providing goods and services registered with BSJV.

Vendors to update their performance records quarterly - April, July, October and January. All Vendors are responsible to update their company information via ICV REPORTING SYSTEM upon changes to their company information.