Introduction to Workforce and Capability Development

As one of the core strategic delivery for In Country Value (ICV) for growth lies in the foundation of people and people development. Harnessing new technologies and embarking on a growth trajectory into investing to our future. With the disruptive role of technology (IR 4.0) will see an adaptation in competence and skills within the industry. ICV is aptly positioned to have the forward looking perspectives as well as insight to the current development of the local industries.

Therefore the ICV Workforce Development themes are focused into three independent clusters:

  • Workforce Development

    One key ICV goals in the Workforce Development are to proactively complement the efforts in supporting the nation's employment drive. This is undertaken collaboratively with various key stakeholders engagements that is inline with the Government's approach towards a whole of nation, together with key internal stakeholders as well as our Business Partners.

  • Capability Development

    ICV has identified several critical enablers and key success factors to be established within the industry ecosystem. Such as institutionalizing knowledge-based approach, developing a pool of expertise in key specialization and synergizing training infrastructure that offers similar training outcomes.

  • Technology and Knowledge Transfer

    Technological and knowledge transfer is important element for future growth and perpetual development to both BSP and the country. Hence ICV's role will be in promoting and facilitating identified opportunities in key selective fields, connecting relevant stakeholders between industries, Government and local research institutions.