The Brunei Shell Joint Venture Companies (BSJV) are playing an active role in developing the capacity and capability of Bruneian businesses for the sustainable development of Brunei Darussalam. This is aligned with His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei’s vision, Wawasan 2035.

In this ICV website, current and potential vendors can:
  • Get guidance on the contracting process; from successful registration through to bidding on tender opportunities
  • Register for SME development programmes and events organised by BSJV
  • Get more information on the LBD Framework


Determines eligible contractors, targets for Local Employment and Local Content under the respective LBD Quadrants.

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Determines how each work category falls under the respective quadrants based on the level of technology involved and Total Authorised Contract Value (ACV) for the overall category. Contract period might impact the allocation of categories e.g. from Highly Specialised to Core if it changes duration from short term to long term.

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The category guideline table below shows examples of work categories allocated to the four LBD quadrants.

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Bumiputra Brunei Citizens belonging to one of the indigenous groups of the Malay race, namely, Belait, Bisayah, Dusun, Kedayan, Murut or Tutong
Local Brunei Citizens means subjects of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan holding a Brunei Yellow Identity Card
International Non Brunei Citizens

Local Company
  • Fully owned by Brunei Citizens
  • Actively managed by owner / proprietors
  • Registered under the Companies Act (Cap 39)
Bumiputra/Rakyat Jati Company
  • Fully owned by Bumiputra
  • Actively managed by Owners Proprietors
  • Registered under the Companies Act (Cap 39)*
* Exception for Basic Quadrant - minimum is to be registered under the Business Names Act (Cap 92)
Joint Venture (JV) Company
  • Joint equity participation between Local Company and International partner(s)
  • Actively managed by both parties
  • Registered under the Companies Act (Cap 39)
  • Fully owned by non Brunei Citizens
  • Registered under the Companies Act (Cap 39), if a place of business has been established in Brunei