What is EBA 2.0?

BSP seeks to foster a purchasing climate in which local Vendors are encouraged and empowered to compete for complex and high value businesses. Energy Business Academy 2.0 Program (EBA 2.0) is a BSP led local business development initiative to develop existing local Business Partners by providing guidance and support to self-develop and compete effectively and sustainably.

EBA 2.0 Objectives

  1. To drive strategic development of the local supplier, local workforce and local capabilities to enhance the value of the local supplier to BSP and to Brunei.
  2. To provide tailored guidance and support to the local supplier to enable and catalyse supplier self-development.
  3. To foster a strong customer-supplier relationship between BSP and the local supplier that is long-lasting and sustainable. To provide a common platform to all vendors for requisite information, awareness and self-training.


Mid-sized local companies having existing contract with BSP in either Basic or Development Quadrant and meets the programme requirements.

Guiding Principles

  1. Transparency - The programme will be run fairly and transparently. BSP will not favor one supplier over another.
  2. Self-Development - BSP will only support local vendors in those areas where they are unable to progress by themselves.
  3. Grounded Realism - BSP will only commit to what it can reasonably and realistically fulfill.