BSP Safety Culture

Safety is our number one priority and the foundation of everything that we do. Prioritising safety will ensure that You And I Will Go Home Safely. Safety is a culture that is firmly embedded in the hearts and minds of BSP employees and business partners every time we work, and as we go home to our families.

Working on high-risk onshore and offshore operations can be complex and keeping everyone safe against this backdrop is a constant journey. Maintaining a relentless focus on Goal Zero – No harm, No leaks – is therefore important to ensure the safety of our people, asset, community and the environment.

A positive safety culture in BSP means that everyone can freely communicate safety concerns without fear of negative impact. Our safety culture aims to prevent fatalities and life-changing injuries in all our operations by building on existing strong foundations, managing risks and making safety as a way of life.

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Everyone who works for us, or with us, has an important role to play in making BSP a safer place to work. We expect everyone to comply with the safety rules and regulations relevant to your work, to intervene to prevent incidents from happening, and to respect fellow workers including the communities in which we operate. We demonstrate Visible Safety Leadership to encourage and empower people to lead safety in our daily activities. Leaders across BSP, at all levels, have a key role to play in understanding the critical safety risks they are accountable to manage, and in ensuring their teams understand their safety responsibilities and the mitigations that need to be applied for their works.

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Process safety involves making sure our facilities are well designed, safely operated and properly maintained to prevent release of hazardous materials. It starts at the early design phase of building facilities and continues throughout their life cycle. We use structured processes to manage our asset integrity with the goal of preventing major accident hazards that may harm people, assets, community and environment.

BSP provides energy responsibly. We drive improved environmental performance of our operations and supports the national goals of Brunei to be a more resilient Nation.


The aim of the 10 Life-Saving Rules is to prevent harm, save our lives and the lives of people. LSR are fundamental to BSP’s Goal Zero journey as it sets up the use of intent based “I statements” covering activities where it is proven that failure to comply has the highest potential for serious injury or death. The LSRs apply to all BSP employees and contractors when working for BSP.