BSP Social Investment Sponsorship Request Form

To ensure that Brunei Shell Petroleum’s Social Investment sponsorships creates value and benefits the wider community, all sponsorship requests will be assessed based on a set of criteria and evaluated by members of the BSP Social Investment Committee. The investments are guided by several principles and criteria: fit to business objectives and aligned to community needs; positive and measurable outcomes; sustainable beyond BSP’s initial investment; and collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Ultimately, in whatever shape or form, investments whether monetary or manpower, the value and merit of the investment is based on its lasting impact.

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For administrative purposes (should request is approved)

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  • Copy of Ministry of Home Affairs donation collection approval (if applicable)
  • Full proposal of sponsorship (PDF format)
  • Copy of organization/association bank details (scanned copy of document/account book showing just the account no. and name)

Please ZIP all the supporting documents into 1 folder and do single upload ONLY.

Supported format: .zip and Max file size: Less than 25MB

Applications will be assessed accordingly and the contact person/focal will be advised of the outcome/next step (if any).