Brunei Shell Asia Pacific Learning Hub

For over 70 years, the Brunei Asia Pacific Shell Learning Hub (BAPSLH) has been one of the nation's leading and trusted learning centers. BAPSLH is dedicated to upskilling and advancing the professional development and competence of “Orang Kitani”, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to reach their fullest potential through learning.

BAPSLH offers structured learning programs that combine advanced industry knowledge, experienced and accredited trainers, digital learning tools, and the latest trends in learning delivery for BSP Staff including the broader Bruneian community via the SkillsHub.

Committed to building the nation's capabilities and local expertise, particularly in the energy sector, BAPSLH provides valuable industry insights to higher education and training institutions. This includes participating in curriculum review committees, offering workplace internships, and creating project opportunities.

Guided by the principle of “Developing People, Enabling Growth,” the BAPSLH team is focused on delivering high-quality learning experiences. The Learning Hub is located at F17, Jalan Tengah, Seria.