Technology is part of our DNA, engraved in our ethos and a foundation for BSP. That is why we aspire to continue to innovate for decades to come.

A pioneer in novel technologies, BSP’s continued success has been ensured as a result of several “Made In Brunei” innovations, with ideas developed and implemented, many for the first time anywhere in the world, in dozens of fields within Brunei. Innovation and technology are vital to providing sustainable and clean energy to the growing population in Brunei and Asia. In BSP, teams of energy professionals develop and implement technologies to produce cleaner energy more efficiently while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and with less safety exposure. Our engineers are constantly looking for new drilling techniques to access some of Brunei’s most complicated underground reservoirs, and continued success in this area is testament to BSP’s persistent innovation.

Moving towards innovative digital technologies, BSP is currently undergoing a digital transformation journey in which key priorities are delivering value from digital solutions and building in-house capabilities. Digitalisation brings greater efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace as we apply new ways of working in the process of developing powerful new capabilities from smarter exploration, leaner hydrocarbon development, and safer operations.