Social Investment is BSP’s commitment towards the creation or development of the skills and resources crucial to the sustainable progress of Brunei’s people, environment and community.

Our investments are guided by several principles and criteria: fit to business objectives and aligned to our community needs; positive and measurable outcomes; sustainable beyond BSP’s initial investment, and collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Our aim is to ensure that the value and merit of our social investment initiatives have a lasting impact.

For more than 90 years, with the singular focus of the community in mind, various programmes have been launched and implemented that will contribute and continue contributing towards Brunei Vision 2035; to accomplish well-educated highly skilled people to drive the development and growth of Brunei Darussalam, to provide high quality of life to the people and to achieve a dynamic and sustainable economy.

BSP’s Social Investment programmes are centered around four key themes – Education, Enterprise Development, Environment & Biodiversity and Community Development.

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