Our Company

In Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP), People and Country are one of our business priorities. On top of the oil and gas we produce, we also create additional value to benefit Bruneians and Brunei Darussalam as a nation. BSP is committed to fulfil the aspirations of Wawasan Brunei 2035, one of which is to have an educated, highly skilled and accomplished population. In addition to job creations and direct employment to BSJV companies, BSP continues to contribute to the needs of our business in the energy industry, through growing and developing our local Bruneian talent funnel in diverse disciplines which include petroleum, mechanical, process engineering, environmental science, legal and aviation.

Our People Strategy

Our People Strategy is aligned to the Bruneianisation Directive which requires Oil and Gas operators in Brunei to achieve 90% Bruneians at all levels and skillpools. BSP has made significant strides in Bruneianisation, increasing from a level of 75% in 2009 to 89% in February 2022​ through its ongoing efforts in developing the capabilities of its Bruneian professionals to take on key positions and responsibilities.

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