Our organization is recognized globally, respected, and valued locally

BSP is an exciting place to work whilst we are proud to be part of a long legacy of diverse businesses across upstream, downstream, and integrated gas contributing the Nations revenue and GDP. This is because we have no compromise on Goal Zero, abide to our Code of Conduct and Core values. Individuals will be part of an organization that contributes to society and the Country.

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Competitive Pay and Reward Systems

BSP is known to offer highly competitive and attractive remuneration package and benefit. On top of competitive salary, we also reward you with impressive bonus pay and allocated company shares based on your work performance. We invest in various rewards and benefit to promote balance between individual work and life.

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Our employees are engaged and take Pride in the Work​

Everyone in BSP has a role to play in contributing to the bottom-line of the company and Brunei’s future by being empowered and having right support to deliver both personal and business goals.​

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Our People are professional, guided by Standards & model our Core values

In BSP, you will enjoy an inclusive working environment where everyone are encouraged to speak up, differences are valued and ideas are encouraged. We create space where we value the diversity and inclusion(D&I) of our people by embedding through D & I programmes. We believe working with multi cultures creates diversity in thoughts and teamwork for you and the Company to successfully achieve our goals. We support our talent to reach their potential in performance driven culture hence incorporating a transparent recruitment process to ensure we do not discriminate applications towards people with challenges.

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Rewarding Career Development Opportunities

We offer employees with a clear and structured development plan. You will have access to courses, online learning, mentors, coaching, stretched assignments and other approaches to continuously drive. The Company emphasizes on the development of its employees in both leadership and technical capabilities, to be in line with our Company and Country agendas. Leaders are developed by leaders so they can bring the best out of our people.

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