BSP is currently undergoing a digital transformation journey in which key priorities are delivering value from digital solutions and building in-house capabilities, bringing greater efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace as we apply new ways of working in the process of developing powerful new capabilities from smarter exploration, leaner hydrocarbon development, and safer operations.

Our digital transformation journey started in 2018, as we address business problems by making work faster, better and more cost-effective. BSP produces the digital solutions either in-house through empowering and leveraging our data scientists, or in partnership with others.

Some examples of our Digital Solutions

Bespoke advanced analytics tool, Fajar

BSP produced a bespoke advanced analytics tool, named Fajar (‘dawn’ in Malay), in 6 weeks that reduced subsurface engineers’ time spent on searching for data by 50% and encouraged greater collaboration between teams through data transparency. Fajar was also shared with other operating companies in Royal Dutch Shell, who subsequently replicated it. Since then, we’ve increasingly enhanced our data science capabilities by applying machine learning and deep learning to address real business problems by being more productive and efficient. Apart from building our in-house digital capabilities, we also partner with Shell and other companies for digital solutions as well.

Quantitative Interpretation Probabilistic Automated Solution (QIPAS)

An algorithm developed by BSP Geophysics department which is aimed at accelerating BSP’s ability to review larger areas of seismic data on the likelihood of hydrocarbon presence.

Wiggles to Wells

An assisted well trajectory planner. Tests has shown that the algorithm is as good as expert geoscientists, correctly predicting the presence of hydrocarbon from seismic 85% of the time.

BSP also contributes to Brunei’s aspirations towards IR 4.0 through capability building, raising interest and mentoring initiatives.

A couple of colleagues testing out our Well Engineering immersive training via virtual reality (VR)
A discussion on digital solutions touching Maintenance and Operations, for example, field mobile devices like Intelatrac on the right.
An example of Augmented Reality (AR) for connection to remote facilities.