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Bringing Global Expertise Home

Published on January 16, 2024

Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) has been a career hub for over 3,700 employees, ranging from technical experts to corporate professionals. Talent management and development planning have been essential in BSP’s People Strategy to ensure that the company continues to have a healthy funnel of talents to keep its operations running. To further enhance the capabilities of its workforce, and in the continuous effort to future-proof Orang Kitani (Our People), several BSP colleagues have stepped out of their comfort zones and entered the global scene through BSP’s Short-Term International Assignment (STIA) and Long-Term International Assignment (LTIA). International Assignment is a talent development tool open to selected BSP personnel to acquire certain business skills or exposures that are not available within the organisation. 

As the world emerged from the shadow of the pandemic in 2022, the lifting of travel restrictions brought renewed opportunities for BSP employees. Despite limited roles within Shell, the company’s nomination criteria allowed for the competitive acquisition of positions on a global scale. Since 2005, there has been a total of 227 employees sent on assignment in various parts of the globe – this year, there is a total of 68 active assignments. BSP’s commitment to nurture workforce


Charlene Bong, Senior Petroleum Engineer 
Assignment: Waterflood, The Hague

Charlene started her assignment in the Global Waterflood Team at the Hague in September 2023. Being part of the team requires her to provide expertise and solutions across the hydrocarbon lifecycle, including Carbon Dioxide (C02)/Hydrogen (H2) and energy storage. Charlene is currently working on projects for US Deepwater (Gulf of Mexico) and Kuwait. 

In addition to enjoying the exposure to Shell’s diverse global portfolio, Charlene has also enjoyed the opportunity being in the Hague to re-connect with many colleagues who previously worked in BSP. Outside of work, she has been busy getting settled into the Dutch lifestyle, getting acquainted with the biking infrastructure, and getting ready for the upcoming winter season.

Hamidah Mokhtar, Wells Performance Lead
Assignment: Global Wells Planning and Performance, Houston


Hamidah’s passion for managing Wells Performance from a global perspective had led her to join the Global Wells Performance & Planning team in Houston, United States of America (USA). In her current role as a Wells Performance Lead, Hamidah has experienced strategic and performance management/improvement projects, which involves data deep-dives and analysis as well as structured approach to Industry-Leading competitiveness in line with the refreshed Wells Ambition Performance.

“The goals I have set for this assignment are to expand further my strategic thinking in Wells Business Performance and to make an impact in the business professionally, and personally, to adapt to a working and living environment outside of my comfort zone,” Hamidah shares. “This assignment has allowed me to grow as a professional and as a person, with the experience I would not have gained had I not been given the chance to be here.”


Ayuni Buang, Head of Portfolio Delivery, Decommission and Restoration (D&R)
Assignment: Wells Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) – Arctic, Houston, Texas

Recognising that such opportunities come once in a while, Ayuni made the most of her STIA experience in Houston, Texas. She took up the role of Wells FEED, working on a development project for a geographically and politically sensitive areas which tested her technical knowledge and experience. During her tenure in Houston, she had the opportunity to meet different professionals, including exceptional technical experts.

“The skills and growth gained from the assignment enabled me to challenge status quo for the better!” shared Ayuni. 

Nazrin Narawi, Commercial Advisor
Assignment: Process Optimisation Engineering department, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)

Assigned to PDO in Muscat during the first COVID-19 wave, Nazrin spent nine months leading a team of local engineers in the Process Optimisation Engineering department within the Gas Asset. Nazrin had the opportunity to get to know PDO’s gas operation, working closely with different stakeholders – by the end of his tenure, the team managed to improve the asset’s energy efficiency by 10%, while optimising the production facility and operational costs.

“Upon my return, I took on the role of a commercial advisor where to this day, I still advocate for top quartile metering availability, more so now considering reputational impact to our gas customers. My experience in PDO has certainly taught me to adapt to new environments and challenges better as I navigate my way through a completely different field of work in commercial.”