Solar Plant to Power BSP HQ to be Completed By 2021

July 12, 2020

Construction for Brunei Shell Petroleum’s (BSP) solar plant is officially underway after a groundbreaking ceremony at the G11 site on Jalan Tengah, Seria. The 3.3 MWp utility-scale solar PV plant, which will see the installation of about 7,000 solar panels, is another milestone in BSP.

Once operational, the low carbon electricity generated from the solar panels will offset some of the power used by the BSP Headquarters building on Jalan Utara in Panaga. The solar power generated is equivalent to the electricity consumption of approximately 600 households per year. The site clearance started in March 2020 with BSP being committed to plant three trees for every tree removed during the site-clearance. This tree-replanting activity will be conducted together with the nearby community and BSP staff.

In her remarks, Dr Ceri M. Powell, Managing Director of BSP, stated that “It is important that as BSP continues to provide oil and gas for our customers, that we both reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and play our part in the global transition towards low carbon energy systems. BSP is committed to increase renewable energy uptake within our operational and non-operational assets such as our offices. This BSP Solar project is a demonstration of that commitment and continues us on the journey of energy diversification and decarbonisation,” she continued.

Dr Ceri M. Powell, Managing Director of BSP, Norhayati Merzuki, BSP Head of Onshore Projects and Constructions, and Shirley Sikun, BSP Head of Energy Transition together broke the first ground at the project site. The special occasion, honouring social-distancing, was also attended by project team members and Eigen Energy, BSP’s appointed contractor.

The solar project, expected to be completed by early 2021, will also provide the platform for capability building for Bruneians especially in expanding their skillsets in renewable energy. As such, this is another cornerstone enabling BSP to continue fuelling Brunei’s future for generations to come.