BSP Organises Petroleum Engineering Forum for Higher Education Students

February 27, 2019

100 students were exposed to the applicability of their degree and diploma program in the oil and gas industry today (Wednesday, 27th February 2019) at Petroleum Engineering Forum organised by Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sdn Bhd (BSP).  
The purpose of this forum is to showcase to students the technical studies and advanced technologies used in the petroleum engineering and geosciences discipline in BSP that contributes directly to the safe exploration and production of hydrocarbon in Brunei Darussalam.  
The forum was opened by Hank Leegte, Chief Petroleum Engineer at BSP and officially launched by Gijs Holstege, Exploration Manager.  
Hank Leegte emphasized that BSP hopes that the event can help the students to be innovative when it comes to solving complex subsurface problems. This forum is also to raise the awareness of the impact of digitization of vast amount of subsurface data. This is to bring much-needed efficiencies in the workplace and also to make it possible for companies like BSP to develop powerful new capabilities in order to benefit from smarter exploration, leaner hydrocarbon development and safer operations.  
“This is not only beneficial to BSP to integrate with the universities and polytechnics but also an opportunity for students to form a network,” said Hank.  
Gijs Holstege, BSP’s Exploration Manager further emphasized  in his remarks that BSP has been supporting the wider community with its Social Investment programmes which is designed and aligned to the objectives of Wawasan 2035 – to accomplish a well-educated highly skilled individuals, while also driving the development and growth of Brunei Darussalam of which would further provide high quality of life to the people and achieve dynamic and sustainable economy. “The company is committed to supporting the community through various themes, of which education has always been the biggest priority.”
During the one-day forum, various presentations and posters from BSP Petroleum Engineers, Geoscientists and BSP’s business partners will be shared with the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of the students in the real-life application of what they have learned in class.
The oil and gas industry is no different from many other industries that are constantly in a state of change, and being impacted by the continuous flow of new and innovative technologies. BSP are very much part and parcel of these changes, and BSP also lead the rest of the world in a number of areas. Technology is key and efficiency is the driver but what is equally important is harnessing the innovation of our people to find new ways of thinking to solve the problems.  
2019 marks an important milestone for BSP as it celebrates its 90th Anniversary since oil was first commercially discovered in Seria field. It carries the theme “Honouring the Past, Making the Future”. It is also a testimony of the long enduring partnership between The Government of Brunei Darussalam and the Royal Dutch Shell.