BSP has been operating in Brunei Darussalam for more than 90 years, committed towards fuelling Brunei Darussalam’s future for everyone involved. The well-being of the nation’s social and economic progress is a priority for BSP, especially in the communities that we operate in. BSP takes great pride in its commitment towards ensuring that success is enjoyed by all facets of its community, regardless of their socio-economic background.

A New Lease of Life For A Piece of History: The Billionth Barrel Monument

Built in 1991 along Seria’s beachfront, the Billionth Barrel monument commemorates the billionth barrel of oil produced from Seria’s onshore oil field. The monument also sits near the historic site of the “S-1” well, the first well that discovered commercial oil in 1929.

After more than thirty years and to commemorate BSP’s 90th anniversary, the landmark underwent extensive maintenance work which was completed in April 2019. Taking it a step further, BSP with support from the Culture and Arts Division under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, invited some thirty talented local artists to upgrade the windbreakers that welcomed visitors to the Billionth Barrel Monument.

The artists showcased their own signature pieces that celebrated the history and landscape of Brunei Darussalam, instantly transforming it into an outdoor gallery. Coming from different backgrounds, each artist was given a piece of history to interpret onto their respective windbreaker. Now with its refreshed and creative looks, the monument and windbreakers continue its place as a tourist attraction that highlights diversely creative and talented local artists.

‘Padang Berawa: A Country’s Legacy’ Launch Honours Brunei’s Oil And Gas Past

A compilation of rare photographs depicting scenes of the oil and gas industry in Seria from the early 20th century was revealed to the public for the first time in a collaboration between the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and BSP.

After uncovering many gems of Bruneian history from BSP’s own repository, the photo gallery evolved from an internal project to digitise records into a specially curated collection of photographs. With the support of the ministry, BSP and the Brunei Museum Department has shared the gallery showcasing the richness of Brunei’s past in a travelling gallery across the country.

The travelling gallery is a dedication to the generations of people who have been part of BSP’s journey since the beginning of its operation in the country. BSP holds the largest archive for the industry in Brunei and believes that this special legacy should be shared across the nation.