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BSP’s Champion West facility is one of the most technically advanced offshore facilities in the world. It demonstrates BSPs leadership in two key technology areas: Snake Wells and Smart Fields.

From deep beneath Champion West’s seabed, sensors with fibre-optic cables relay digital information about temperature, pressure and other field conditions to control centres on land. This enables for the continuous monitoring of production, where engineers can make speedy decisions on how best to extract the maximum amount of oil, monitor its movement within the reservoir and instantly spot production problems, such as blockages. 

This technology also allows them to take faster remedial action – for example, by activating well valves electronically - either to solve a problem or to increase production by better managing the oil flow.

Snake Wells

  • The Snake Well design was created in 2001 by BSP to improve reservoir access and deliverability.
  • The first Snake Well was drilled offshore in BSP’s Iron Duke field in 2003, with a 1,500m reservoir section.

Snake wells are designed with the flexibility to produce from pockets of oil and gas that would otherwise be uneconomic to access. 

The longest and one of the most challenging well to date is the Champion West 31 (CW-31) well at, 8,001 meters along hole length, in the Champion west field, located some 90 kilometers from shore.

  • Snake Wells have been vital to enable drilling through the sands with a tortuous trajectory
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Smart Fields / Fields Technology 

  • BSP is a recognised global centre of excellence in the use of “Smart Well/Field” oil and gas technologies in Shell, and across the industry. It pioneered “Smart” technologies at its South West Ampa and Iron Duke Fields, and Smart Well completions are now standard in all BSP operations. 
  • The Snake Well completions at Champion West are “Smart”, including variable inflow control valves and pressure gauges and fibre-optic sensors. 
  • The Champion West platform is normally unmanned, and has full remote control access for onshore petroleum engineers to conduct: 
  • Real-time monitoring, clean-up and optimisation of wells 
  • Online well testing using a Multi-phase flow-metre 
  • Rapid shut-down and start-up as required 
  • The remote monitoring of Champion West is done from BSP’s Head Office in Seria, Brunei, 90km away from the field. 
  • BSP augments standard industry Smart Wells/Fields instrumentation with its own in-house software for data analysis and online dynamic well control 

Send us your “Innovation and Technology” ideas 

Innovation and Technology are an important part of growing the business and assisting BSP to manage the challenges both now and in the future. 

We would like to encourage the vendor community to submit their proposals to BSP. The proposals can include technologies which BSP are not / have not used before or opportunities to improve efficiency or work practices. To submit a proposal, please email the details to

Below are some guidelines for submitting a proposal.

Brief details of the proposal, including:

  • Typical applications with benefits (e.g. cost, time, HSE)
  • Examples of where it has been used before
  • Publication references (e.g. papers, journals, etc)
  • Name of Contact and Company contact details (address, contact number, email)

Please limit the size of email (including attachments) to maximum 10Mbytes 

The proposal will be evaluated by the appropriate BSP technical specialists to determine if there is a potential application within our operations. The aim is to inform the vendor whether or not a potential application exists in our operations, within 60 days of receiving the proposal. If a potential application is identified, further discussions will be held with the vendor and the normal BSP contracting process will be followed. For further information, please refer to the Commercial and Local Business Development Page

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