Joining us as a Graduate

Find out more how you can join us as Graduate and the graduate recruitment process.

Graduate Recruitment


Graduate recruitment is a yearly process which is normally done early in the year and middle of the year. Each year the requirement for graduates with the appropriate degree qualifications, qualities and potentials will vary according to the business needs.

Publicity:  We regularly participate or organise Career exhibitions/talks at local institutions or other locations. We would normally advertise for our Graduate recruitment via local media and on this website. This is the time where we invite Graduates to apply to us.

Application:  When advertisement for Graduate recruitment is released, we invite candidates to apply to us by several options available that is most convenient for you. Graduates need to fill in an online application form which takes them through a series of questions. 

Pre-Selection: What we are looking for are Bruneian citizens who have obtained a relevant Honours degree with preferably 2nd Class Lower (2:ii) or above accredited by the Ministry of Education of Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Assessment: Candidates that have met the criteria set in the pre-selection will be invited to participate in the BSP Shell Recruitment Day (SRD) where they will be assessed. This gives us a chance to assess their potential and for the candidates to get a real insight into what working life at Brunei Shell would be like. Find out more details of SRD and FAQ’s here. 

Hire: Successful candidates from the SRD will be offered to once hire decisions are made at the soonest after the SRD. In order for you to get the most out of your career with BSP, and to make sure you can add as much value to our organisation as possible, it is important that we find a good match between your job preferences and the vacancies available.

Given the huge range of opportunities on offer at BSP, we are in an excellent position to be able to provide you with just the kind of role you’re looking for. However, remember that the more flexible you are about your preferred job and location, the more likely we’ll be able to give you what you want.

You may be invited to a ‘Get to Know You’ session. This is for you to meet the business managers you’ll be working with, as well as some of your team, and find out more about the position. It also gives everyone an opportunity to double check whether there’s a good match. If there is, you’ll be made a formal offer of employment.  

Onboarding: This is where your career with BSP begins! Onboarding is a really important time for both you and the business. We want to make sure that you’re able to make an impact from day one, so we’ll guide you all the way, offering you specific programmes to make settling in as easy as possible.

Among other things, this will mean finding out:
- W
hat your day-to-day role is 
What your business area is all about 
- How BSP is organised and how it operates

The onboarding programme will help you to make the transition from university or early career to life at BSP as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

What we look for in our people

While we will undoubtedly look for a strong academic record when assessing your application, our experience and research has shown that academic skills alone are rarely sufficient to be a successful professional within a company as challenging, dynamic, diverse and global as BSP.

For this reason, we have identified the following skills and qualities as being critical to performing to the high standards we expect at BSP.

The analytical ability to place problems in a wide but relevant perspective.
You'll need to bring the intellectual, analytical and creative ability to learn quickly, identify issues, make judgments and propose solutions.

The ability to get things done.
We'll expect plenty of enthusiasm, resilience and confidence - you'll be someone who can always get things done.

The ability to work efficiently with others in a team.
You should have the character and ability to work effectively with others in a diverse team.

Understanding and approaching technical issues coupled with an enthusiasm for technical challenge.
For technical graduates, Technical skills are assessed along with Capacity, Achievement, and Relationships.
For commercial graduats, only Capacity, Achievement, and Relationship competencies are assessed.

The BSP Shell Recruitment Day (SRD)
The BSP Shell Recruitment Day (SRD) is our chance to see you in action in a variety of different work scenarios, allowing us to assess the extent to which you demonstrate the elements of Capacity, Achievement and Relationships criteria we're looking for. Technical graduates will also be assessed on the technical element.

You will be joined on the SRD by up to8 other candidates and 6 assessors. You must remember however that the day is not about competing with other candidates. We’ll be observing individual performances, not looking for winners and losers. We'll be looking for reasons to hire you.

Lasting for eight hours, including time for lunch, refreshment breaks and preparation, the day is split into three key exercises:

- Case Study
- Group Discussion
- Business Scenario Interview/Technical Presentation/Technical Interview

Preparation and background information
In general, you won’t need to prepare for the SRD beforehand. However, where preparation is necessary – for example if you’re completing the Technical Presentation/Interview – we will provide you with full details and guidance on what you need to do.

You will also be invited to a briefing the evening before the SRD, giving you the chance to meet with recently hired graduates, who’ll share their own SRD experiences with you and give you a flavour of what it’s like to work at BSP.

Read the information given to you thoroughly. You’ll be better able to perform and much more relaxed on the day itself if you’re fully prepared.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q What sorts of jobs are available?
A We offer an amazing range of jobs in many different Technical and Commercial fields. Each year we examine our business requirements to find opportunities where graduates will be able to experience real responsibilities from day one. Exact jobs available, therefore, vary from year to year and depend on the operations in each country.

Q What minimum qualifications do I need to apply?
A For Technical roles, you will need Engineering or Science related degree. For Commercial opportunities we welcome applications from all disciplines. While your academic results are important to us, so is your performance throughout ourrecruitment process.

Q I have applied before; can I re-apply?
A Yes, you can re-apply if you have been unsuccessful. However, if you do wish to re-apply, we advise that you should leave:
a) At least 12 months from the date of the final outcome of your previous application, if you were successful up to an interview
b) Three years from the date of the final outcome of your previous application, if you were invited to a BSP Recruitment Day

We advise this to enable you to have a better chance of being successful the second time round. The additional time will allow you to demonstrate that you have developed yourself further and have gained additional experience and/or qualifications.

Q Can I defer my start date?
A Yes, it's possible to defer starting dates. How long your job offer will be valid with us depends on your plans and the requirements of our business.

Q I have already graduated and have some work experience; am I eligible to apply?
A You can apply if you graduated up to five years ago with your first degree or postgraduate degree (MSc), haveno more than three years’ relevant work experience post-graduationand not more than 28 years of age. You may be surprised to find that you wouldn't be the only graduate in BSP who joins us with previous work experience. In terms of process, you will still need to apply in the same way as a new graduate.

Q What are the selection criteria you use to assess an application?
A We look for people who can demonstrate the kind of skills and qualities that we summarise as Capacity, Achievement and Relationships (and Technical). We assess all applications and candidates based on these qualities.

Q When is the application deadline?
A When Graduate Recruitment is advertised in the media, please ensure you send your application by the published closing date. You can also apply at any time of the year. But don't delay – the sooner we receive your application, the better the chance that we can match you with the ideal job for your abilities.

Q How much notice will you give me if I’m invited to a BSP Recruitment Day?
A Generally about seven days.

Q How should I dress for my interview and BSP Recruitment Day?
A We normally recommend that you dress smartly, although not to the point where you’re uncomfortable.

Q English is not my first language; will this be taken into account during the BSP Recruitment Day?
A While fluency in English is necessary to participate in an SRD, your ability in English is not a selection criterion. If you’re not a native English speaker, you will be given additional time to prepare where appropriate, and you are welcome to bring a dictionary.